25 Best Vintage Retro Font For Procreate

25 Best Vintage Retro Font For Procreate

With a variety of font styles and textures will make your retro font for procreate look eye catching. Retro fonts are perfect for different design looks and have a classic feel

vintage typeface design that is great for standout designs when used in design in procreate. with a variety of font styles and textures will make each of your designs look more dynamic and eye catching,
this time we will give you some vintage and retro fonts that you can download and use on your procreate

There are many vintage and retro fonts that you can download on the internet whether it is free or paid (Premium with commercial use license), but this time Hugefonts will share quality fonts that you can use on any design project

These fonts consist of several styles such as script, serif and sans serif so you can choose a style that is suitable for your project on procreate. That way you combine several fonts or pairing fonts into a good composition

The Best Retro Font for Procreate

some of these fonts are very suitable if you use for wedding card projects, tshirts, sign painters and others

1. Haglos Font

Haglos Font

Thanks to Vultype Co for making this vintage retro bold script font.
with a variety of styles and shapes on each drop is great for designs you do procreate on ipad. This font has a variety of flows and swashes in it you can choose variations on the lowercase letters so that your design can be more attractive and dynamic

2. Comodo Font

Comodo Font

Studio craft supply co. makes this font into 5 versions, namely Comodo Regular, Comodo Rough, Comodo, Stamp, Comodo Vintage.
there are some free illustrations that you can get to use as assets on this font and you can open it with an affinity designer on your ipad


3. Wt Bradford

bradford vintage font

WT Bradford was designed by Winston Type Co which was inspired by the 1900s design with a very prominent characteristic in the uppercase letters making this font suitable for display headings.
This retro font for procreate font includes 3 styles with alternates, ligatures and multilingual support, very suitable for apparals, signs, invitations, your other logos.

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4. Hillenberg


Thanks to Dikasstudio for designing this font and making several style variations so that You can mix and match the layered font and Extras Ornament, it’s very helpful to get Vintage design. There are 10 styles in this font Suitable and applicable to create vintage design, branding, logos, product packaging, invitations, qoutes, t-shirts, poster labels etc.

5. Bignord


type designer adam fathony made a vintage font called bignord, it has 5 styles some letter so you can create the vintage feel from the swash of each letter. You can make all kinds of vintage lettering with various patterns and badges with this font on procreate

6. Mandatory Font

Mandatory Font

Its monoline look makes this font perfect for vintage and retro projects on your procreate, besides that this font is also a duo font so you can combine script and sans display fonts for your work. This retro font for procreate font comes with unique sans and script with the retro feel

7. Booster Vintage

Booster vintage font

This bold script can make you play with tons of alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes. This font is 100% free for commercial use. Thank you DirtyLinestudio for creating this amazing font and sharing it for free

8. Campground

Campground font

This vintage monoline font is suitable for logos because you can use tons of alternates. These combine fonts with differente styles between script & sans.

9. The Foregen Font

The Foregen Font

The Foregen is vintage sans serif and Vintage Stamp Font with 6 font styles including Regular, Outline, Vintage, Stamp one, And Stamp two Made carefully to create the perfect texture and suitable for each of your projects also great for Logotype, vintage design needs.

10. Creative Vintage Font

Creative Vintage Font

Creative Vintage Draft: Modern Serif with chunky imperfect edges and shabby appearance. This font is a strict copy of everything from regular version including glyphs names, kerning and ligatures, so you are worry-free to change style on the go. Alternates appears automatically when you type plus after any letter or even ligature retro font for procreate.

11. Machineat Handpainted Font

Machineat Handpainted Font

Machineat is truly inspired by traditional handpainted sign style, with the natural flow and handmade taste this typeface is ready to use for your projects such as Logotype, Letterhead, Poster, Apparel Design, Label, Advertisements, Product designs, Mural, and etc. Machineat comes with 2 styles Regular and Bold also with uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations, common ligatures and also alternates swash. This typeface is a good choice for your project.

12. Aurelig Vintage Script

Aurelig Vintage Script

Aurelig Vintage Script with monoline style was very inspired from modern vintage and retro style This vintage font have clean, vintage and rough version, special features such as stylistic alternates, ligatures and swashes. Also, Americus includes western european characters (multilingual support). All characters have an imperfect shape that gives a natural look in design. It easily cooperating together and perfect for creating the retro font for procreate style logos, labels, package design, lettering for t-shirts and much others.

13. Tangerin Retro Font

Tangerin Retro Font

Tangerine that 70’s good vibes feel but i didn’t want to just copy letters from that era. I decided to make new unique letters that had that groovy 70s feel. The bold curves pay homage to the big hair and bell-bottoms of the golden era. Tangerine fits perfectly into those nostalgic moodboards retro font for procreate and vintage logos. It retro font for procreate come with a unique lower and uppercase plus numbers, punctuation & multilingual letters.

14. Beatrice


Beatrice is an upper and lowercase serif font with nicely balanced curves. it is inspired by lettering from the good old past, but it still has a strong modern appearance. Its wide range of stylistic alternates allows versatile design options and works perfectly for headlines, logos, posters, packaging, T-shirts, postcards and much more.

15. Margin Serif

margin serif font

Margin is a stylish font that is both retro and bold font. It’s thick curves give a 70s groovy vibe with the serifs bringing it slightly back to traditional Margin fits perfectly into those nostalgic moodboards and vintage logos. It come with a unique lower and uppercase plus numbers, punctuation & multilingual letters.

16. Ranch Vintage

Ranch Font

Presenting a vintage typeface named “Ranch” with layered textured effect. It consists of four font variations for easy recoloring and combining. Also retro font for procreate, as a bonus, you will get a vector hand drawn illustrations of a countryside house, windmill and trees (5th screenshot). This font has a multilingual support, all available characters are shown on the 6th screenshot.retro font for procreate Posters from 2nd & 3rd screenshots are also available in vector format.

17. Laguna Vintage

Laguna Font

Laguna comes with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic sets, contextual alternates & ligatures. Also available in variable font format. To perfecting your design Laguna Font Collection also available with graphic extras. Laguna Font Collection is best uses for headings, Logo type, quotes, apparel design, invitations, flyer, poster, greeting cards, product packaging, book cover, printed quotes, cover album, movie, etc..

18. Rumble Brave Vintage

Rumble Brave Font

Rumble Brave Typeface is retro font for procreate perfect for beverage label design project. coffee label. logotype design, badges, classic wedding concept. victorian design concept and so on. gig poster, letterhead, droop cap, titles, and any artworks.

19. VTC Horoscope


This 19th century style of typography is typically characterized by exaggerated flourishes and ornamentation. A style still very popular today with artisanal signage, apothecary labels, legal documents, etc. Much like some of the popular typefaces of that time, this font has a higher stroke contrast, smooth serifs, and a slightly extended x-height, however ditches the flourishes & fluff for a bit more weight & legibility. Perfect for big bold headlines that spark curiosity and attention.

20. Vintage Rotter

Vintage Rotter

Vintage Rotter is monoline script font. Made for any professional project branding. It is the best for branding, printing, wedding and quotes. Every retro font for procreate letter has a unique and beautiful touch.

21. Sunshine Bridge

Sunshine Bridge Font

Introduce you a Sunshine Bridge – retro modern font duo. Retro brush Script with artistic modern bold sans serif. They complement each other perfectly. You can use Sans as main and Script as additional, or vice versa. This duo gives you a modern look with vintage mood. So retro font for procreate, you can use it both as in vintage-look projects – Beer bar or Brewery logo etc, or as Modern magazine headline or any modern print. A lot of Open Type Features in Script as Swashes and Alternates gives you a little more hand-touch look.

22. The Bartender

The Bartender Font

The Bartender Collection its a 14 fonts created multiple that could work together seamlessly. Six different typefaces comes with clear and pressed styles. The Bartender retro font for procreate Collection gives you many variations to hit the target in your design projects. You can create vintage looks graphics with pressed style and serif fonts, or you can use sans and be more modern. Perfectly for branding, prints, t-shirts or posters.

23. Pacifica 


Pacifica – hand lettered elegant bold script for decorative typography inspired by American branding typography from end of XX century. Comes with different variates – retro font for procreate filled, highlighted or pressed. Perfectly for headers, signs, logos, prints, etc. Comes with ending and some middle alternates and some standard ligatures.

24. Breakdance

Breakdance Font

Breakdance is a vintage font duo. Combination of sans and script with sharp textures making all your creative projects getting a vintage and authentic impression!.

25. Herchey Script

Herchey Script

Introducing the new script font called Herchey. High quality script font with swashes inspired by modern vintage design and baseball logo. this retro font for procreate Plus OpenType features with Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures, Stylistic set, Terminal Form and Ornament that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit your design. This font good for vintage design, t-shirt, logo, labels,badges, posters and etc.


Those are some retro font for procreate you can use to procreate your design projects. You can combine serif fonts and retro vintage scripts for a product of your design.

A rough font might look great if you can combine the old design style with the fonts of your choice

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