How to installing fonts in cricut design space

This article will show you how to installing ttf or otf fonts in cricut design space with easy way and step by step for beginner

  • Access the Font in Cricut Design Space
  • Now that you’ve installed the font or fonts on your hard drive, accessing them in Cricut Design Space is easy! 
  • Use the Text tool in the Design Panel on the left to create a box with your text. 
  • The Text Edit menu will open along the top of Cricut Design Space and you can use the Font dropdown to select different fonts for your project.
  • Cricut Design Space dropdown to select Antenna font

Both Cricut fonts and your system fonts are listed here. You can sort by system fonts, if you’d like, to only see the fonts installed on your computer. You can also use the search bar here if you know the name of the particular font you are looking for. This is particularly helpful if you have a lot of fonts

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