installing OTF and TTF fonts on mac

install font on mac

How to installing otf and ttf fonts on Mac for beginner in a few second with step by step tutorial

  • When you download a font, it will most likely come in a zip folder.
  • Click on the zip folder to unzip the file. Then select the three fonts and ctrl+click to bring up the menu. Then select Open With > Font Book.
  • A box will pop up for you to install your fonts (if you choose to install all of the fonts in a bundle at once, a lot of boxes will pop up, one for each font!). Click Install Font and your computer will do its thing. Your font will now appear in your FontBook and be available for you to use in Cricut Design Space.

Or In all mac accounts if more than 1 account to install otf and ttf font

  • At the top corner click on the app menu bar and choose Font Book → Preferences
  • Use the drop-down to change the default location from User to Computer
  • Find and open the folder that has the new font you want to add
  • In this folder, double-click on a file ending with “.ttf” or “.ttc” or “.otf.”
  • On the Font Book pop-up window, click the Install Font button

You’ve just added the new font to the Mac Fonts folder. In other words, you’ll be able to use it from any account on your Mac. and that’s all tutorial for installing otf and ttf fonts on Mac

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